About MFC

Made Fresh Crew

The Made Fresh Crew or MFC is a artists collective based out of Santa Cruz California focused on projecting creativity through as many collaborative mediums as possible.

From screen printing and fashion design to live canvas and airbrush body painting, the goal is to create a bridge between the creative process and the consumer or audience, as community support is integral to artists success.

Another large part of our goal is to inspire the youth to partake in community projects. The Collective has taught multiple courses on Silkscreening, Mural Design, and Airbrushing. Collaborating alongside two non-profits in Watsonville to start the first ever Urban Arts Festival for the community.

The MFC has been setting up displays at events and festivals displaying fine art, live art, and body painting, as well as selling clothing in collaboration with the performers.

The humble nature of how we produce and sell our work is another element that we would like to pass on the community. Our purpose is to facilitate a creative environment for artists to network, sell and gain exposure through multiple forms of art.

We print all of our clothing with non-toxic enviromentally sustainable water based inks. We believe in promoting a conscious minded creative lifestyle.

Taylor Reinhold
 Jasper Marino 
 Nikos De La Rosa 
 Basic Lee
 Tom Watson
 James Hanold
Carl Quale
Skater Crew
Scotty Watson
Marty Christensen
Mikey Curtis
Matty Contreras
Raven Tershy
Ron Whaley
Press Materials
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