Interview: By Annie- Posted 6/30/2010 By Annie- Posted 6/30/2010
“Urban Arts:  A Very Fine Line”

– Interview for post-
Annie: Congratulations on the show, it looks good! And congrats on receiving a NEA grant. Why the name, “A Very Thin Line” as the show’s title?
Taylor:  It’s a very fine line between my generation’s interpretations of urban art compared to older generations. Street art—once considered to be highly destructive and frowned upon—has emerged into a diverse counter culture of creativity. My generation’s interpretation of urban art is a movement of artists taking influences from street art and fusing it with contemporary painting to push the limits of expression.
AM: Visually describe your art to those of us unfamiliar with it.
TR: My art is best described as controlled chaos using vibrant colors, paint splatters, sharp lines and layers of graffiti. I paint animals using house paint and India ink along with airbrush and silk screening, combining many forms of mixed media to achieve a piece that is alive with energy and at the same time frozen in time..
AM: What, who are your influences?
TR: My major influences are Jackson Pollock, Retna, Banksy, Ben Farris, Jasper Marino and the places I’ve traveled to: Europe, Asia and Egypt. I am inspired by nature, the animal kingdom, ancient civilizations and modern concrete jungles filled with raw dilapidated buildings and grimy streets.
AM: What should people expect to see at the gallery show and fair?
TR: Multiple mediums of art influenced by the urban environment, skateboard instillations, painted spray cans, recycled Marlboro packs, dartboard art, giant screaming monkey murals, innovative clothing, and screen printed ceramic cups. The Festival will showcase young local musicians performing Jazz, Hip Hop, Break Dance, and Capoeira. There will be workshops on teaching the community silk screening, stencil making, sticker making, mural painting and body painting.
AM: Who and what is The Made Fresh Collective
TR:  The Made Fresh Collective is an artist collective based out of Santa Cruz, California focused on projecting creativity through as many collaborative mediums as possible. From screen printing and fashion design to live canvas and airbrush body painting, the goal is to create a bridge between the creative process and the consumer or audience, as community support is integral to artist’s success. The members of the Made Fresh Collective are Nikos De La Rosa, Cruz Cisneros, Jasper Marino, James Hanold, Tom Rich, Mario Guizar, JP McNicholas, Jamie Schnetzler and Ben Farris.
AM: After the show, when all is done, what would be the best accomplishment you could have hoped for?
TR: That people will be inspired to try and step outside the borders and use the creativity within.AM:  What do you think of the Surfing Madonna *?
TR: Genius. We need more people like this in the world.* Illegal mosaic mural of the Madonna on a surfboard that was so beautiful, it begged the question “Is this art or graffiti?” Divided the community of Long Beach over its removal and was resolved by the artist paying to move it to another location.
AM: I am so proud of you—good luck with the show!
TR: You‘re the best, my pure inspiration!!!
AM: ah right ah right…now take out the trash please.