Made Fresh Crew Transform Clouds into Louie’s

Made Fresh Crew Transform Clouds into Louie’s from Bryan Shelton on Vimeo.

by  2 weeks ago


For the last two weeks the crew has been working hard to turn Clouds into Louies Cajun Kitchen and Bourbon bar. Come on down and check out the mural and our interpretation of New Orleans.

Taylor Reinhold, Jasper Marino, Carl Quale


Timelapse Photography, Videography, Edit:
Bryan Shelton

Additional Photographs:
Brian Crabtree, Scotty Watson

Wet Art Project: Jasper Marino

Wet Art Project: Jasper Marino from Jarod Taber on Vimeo.

Wet Art is an exhibition on character. Thirty- six wetsuits from local Santa Cruz surfers were paired with thirty-six top artists to create a show for community viewing and auction. The artists , painters, sculptors, glass artists and jewelers were challenged to work outside of their traditional medium. The show will be open to the public the first two weekends in February 2012. The Wet Art Project is a group of short films directed by Patrick Trefz that showcases each artists that contributed their creativeness to this event. Enjoy
Jasper Marino
Directed By:
Patrick Trefz
Filmed By:
Jarod Taber & Patrick Trefz
Edited By:
Jarod Taber